Russian immigrants and immigrants from Russia.

When it comes to the point of defying whether or not this or that immigrant was from Russia all our sources and scientific methods resolve in a quagmire.
As the immigrants came, there was trouble identifying them as of any nation, since the majority did not know English. Basicly what the immigration control workers would do is put tags on their cloths and file them. However immigrants were to fill out a form, describing their working capabilities, status, country of origin, etc. One must bear in mind, that not only did the Russians speak russian, but also the representatives of many other languages. Since up to the year 1898 the immigration statistics on the Russian Empire was very crude, Jews, Poles, Ukranians (than that term didn''t exist "malorussians" was used instead), Russian Germans and Belorussians were all filed as the citizens of the Russian Empire e.g. Russians.

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