Legacy of the Russian immigrants

To neglect the heritage of the Russian immigrants in america is the same as to neglect 200 years of the immigration history in the US. Throughout our work of studying history, we revealed the mysteries we had not known before. Stringing in the facts of the influxes, biographies and many other interesting tid-bits,we have uncovered the role of the Russian immigrants in America. Artists, scientists, engineers and many more found their second fatgerlabnd in America. As a country of freedom it became a country of many "restrictions" and tough times. The world itself - "immigration" has always been on the negative side of the Russian culture, or of the Soviet rather. This could be due to the braindrain to the West. A tragic loss for Russia that is estimated in an inexhaustable fund. And even today where you would find many Russian speaking immigrants and citizens of America, you could see, that they try to sustain their culture.
However, we do know of the tendency, that pulls under every potential citizen and immigrant to become a scarse link to his/her culture. that is an example of parents bringing their children to an American school and letting them melt into the "foreign" culture. A tendency, that has become popular among immigrants in the USA.
But every year of our former citizens are coming back, overwhelmed by nostalgia. Maybe immigration isn''t a bad thing after all, becouse for a lot of immigrants you start to feel as a representative of your culture, when you''re far away from home.

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